Land and Sea in the Quran

If we observe the Quran from a mathematical point of view we are going to notice that the construction and mumerology of the Qur’an is really astonishing and it really makes an impression to the wise ones. One of the mathematical wonders in the Qur’an is the fact that the surface of the land and sea on our planet is given very precisely.
Allah almighty in the Holly Qur’an uses the term (bahr) SEA for 32 times which is often used for other water surfaces like lakes and rivers. The word (berr) meaning LAND is mentioned for 13 times by the Allah. If we sum up these two numbers we get the number 45.
Here we discover the percentage ratio of these two words in the Qur’an which completely corresponds to the ratio of the land and the sea, which can be checked in any encyclopedia. And now we see that the word “sea” (bahr) in the total number of words (sea and land) is: 2/45 x 100% = 71.11111%, which represents the surface area of the water compared to the land on the Earth. And the word “land” (berr) in the total number of words (sea and land) is: 13/45 x 100% = 28.888%, which matches the percentage surface of the land in the whole surface of our planet, and this is just one of the numerous mathematical wonders in the Qur’an.