Best method to learn arabic alphabet

The experience has shown that you need several weeks to learn the Arabic letters using this method, depending on the individual abilities of the learner. The ones who learn the Arabic alphabet using this method, will not only  be able to read the Qur’an fluently, but will have a solid base to continue their learning of the Arabic language and take part in modern communication.

This method pays speciall attention to the correct pronunciation and writing of the Arabic letters, which makes it ideal not only for the Muslims but for other people who have the need or desire to learn the Arabic letters. Today we present you this method in its most modern form containing interactive animated lessons with sound, which allow you to master the Arabic alphabet from home using your computer.

Basic notes:
–    The Arabic letters are written and read from the right to the left.
–    The consist of symbols completely different from the English alphabet.
–    The Arabic alphabet has 28 letters, consonants (harfs).
–    It has three short vocals (fetha, kesra, damma) i.e. short E, I, U.
–    The vocals are written above or beneath the consonant.
–    There are three long vocals: A, long U and long I.
–    There are no capital letters or small letters
–    Certain consonants are being joined only from the right side, and some from both sides.
–    The consonants in a word are written together Kor separately, which depends on thir characteristics.
–    It is necessary to distinguish the look of the consonants, when it is alone, in the middle, or at the end of the word.