Lesson 7

All other letters except the „hamza” which is another form of Alef can be joined on both sides, not only on the one like in the letters from the previous lessons This means that we will have to remember their shape at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the word, which can be seen in the tables of the flash animated lessons.

The first of the harfs we will learn in this lesson that join from the both sides are the harfs BAA and NOON. So, when they are in the middle of a word they can be joined with other harfs from the left and the right. The harf  “BAA” looks like a small boat/canoe that has a small dot under it, which belongs to the harf, and is pronounced like the English letter “B“. To pronounce this harf we join our lips and then release them instantly, pronouncing “B“.
The harf “NOON” looks like a dish with a dot on its top, which looks like it is cooking in it. This dot belongs to the harf. Like we said before, it joins from the both sides like the harf BAA. When pronouncing this harf we use the upper part of our tongue which is tighten to the palate and is pronounced like the English “N“.