Lesson 2

Like we said before the arabic letter “Aleph” looks like a vertical line with vocals placed above and beneath it; only the vocal is pronounced. In specific cases the Aleph is also pronounced (at the beginning of some chapters in the Quran that start with abbreviations, single letters) but we will discuss that in the following lessons.
The arabic letter “Waw” is similar in shape to the number 9. It is pronounced in the following way; you set your lips like you’re going to say “O” but you pronounce “W” instead while the lips make a round formation and the upper teeth and the lower lip don’t join. This letter is also joined only from its right side, and when some vocal comes with it we first pronounce the letter “W” and then the vocal (fatha, kassra or damma) and when there is a sukoon above it, then only “W” is pronounced.