Lesson 19

One of the alphabets of the world is certainly the Arabic script. A great number of Islamic nations use it. Since the Qur’an Kareem is written in it, every Muslim should learn it. The Arabic alphabet has 28 letters (harfs). It is written and read from the right to the left. There are no small, capital, printed or written letters. The differences in writing appear depending on the position of the letters in the word: is the leter alone, at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the word and can it be joined from both sides or just from the right. The letters are usually joined using a horizontal line. All Arabic letters are consonants, and for the sylables (vocals) there are special signs which are not letters. A special attention has to be paid to the shape and pronunciation of every letter because some letters are written or read in a similar way. Some of the sounds don’t exist in our language so in order to pronounce them properly we need a help from an expert – muallim. In the animated lesson below you can see the entire Arabic script with all the 28 harfs and the hamza between them as another form of an aleph, when you click on the harfs you will hear their names.