Lesson 14

Amongst the arabic letters that are joined from both sides there are two more harfs we are going to learn in this arabic lesson, with the help of God. These two harfs, like the previous ones exist in our language and their pronunciation is not a problem. We pronounce the harf “FAA” like the English letter “F“. During the pronunciation of this harf, the upper incisive teeth are leaned to the inner side of the lower lip. The edges of the teeth press the lower lip gently, and produce the specific sound.The harf “JEEM” is pronounced like “DGE” in the English word BRIDGE. but softer, taking care that it doesn’t sound like “J” in the English word JUICE. During the pronunciation of this harf, we lean the tip of the tongue to the rooth of the lower teeth. In that moment, a type of semi-blockage is created on the root of the mouth. The air from the lungs slowly goes over that blockage, causing friction at the root of the lower teeth.