Lesson 13

These two harfs in arabic alphabet can also be joined from both sides. They also exist in our language. The first is the harf “MIM” which is pronounced like the letter “M”. During the pronunciation of this harf the lips join and make a blockage, and the soft palate is loose. The airflow from the lungs freely passes through the nasal cavity, overcoming the blockage on the lips. You should take care not to over pronounce this harf when it comes with a sukoon.
The harf “HAA” is pronounced somewhat like “H“. During the pronunciation of this harf the vocal cords get close to each other. When the air comes from the lungs we hear the natural airflow which can be heard when a healthy person breathes.
When the harf “HAA” is placed at the end of the word and has two dots above it and becomes the harf “TAA”. Also, the long vocals on the harfs “HAA” (which is at the end of the word), always have the opposite length related to the vocal which is in front of them.