Lesson 12

In the twelfth lesson of arabic alphabet we are going to learn two new harfs, the harf “SEEN” and the harf “SHEEN“. Both these harfs exist in our language and they both belong to the group of harfs that can be joined from the left and the right side. The harf “SEEN” is pronounced like the letter “S“. When this harf is pronounced, the tip of the tongue is placed tightly to the gums behind the lower incisive teeth, and the upper and lower teeth get close. During the pronunciation we can hear an explosive sound.
The harf  “SHEEN” looks like the harf SEEN but the only difference is that this harf has three dots above it. It is pronounced like “Sh”. During the pronunciation of this harf, the tip of the tongue makes pressure on the root of the lower teeth, and the front part of the tongue touches the front part of the root of the mouth, and the lower and upper teeth get close.