Lesson 11

In this lesson we are going to learn two new arabic letters (harfs) that can be joined from the both sides. Both these harfs are similar to the sounds that exist in our language and they are the letters: “L” and “K“. Harf “LAAM” with its shape looks like a fishing hook. When this harf is pronounced the tip of the tongue is placed closely to the base of the upper front teeth, and the ends of the front part of the tongue closely touch the rooth of the upper teeth and the front root of the mouth. It is pronounced like our letter “L“, but lighter.
There are two ways to write the harf “KAAF” when it is separated, i.e. when it is alone or at the end of the word then it looks like the harf “LAAM“, only with the difference that it has a small mark similar to our letter “S” above it. When it is at the beginning or in the middle of the word it is written differently and also in two ways (see the table in the animated lesson). When this harf is pronounced, the rear part of the tongue rises towards the rooth of the mouth. After the airflow from the lungs opens the formed barrier, we can hear a specific sound, very similar as in the words: cat, kite. It is pronounced like the letter “K” but softer.