These are some of the most famous arabic quotes or arabic sayings:

“Peaceful soul is the best chair for rest.”

“House without books is a house without a soul.”

“If you want everyone to hate you, tell everyone who is who.”

“You can’t achieve peace through war, but with an agreement.”

“When justice disappears from the face of the earth – a man becomes worthless.”

“A friend is one who warns you about a mistake, and not one that enhances your mistake in order to gain your satisfaction.”

“A smile is a good word with no letters.”

“Nice word is a passport which helps you reach every heart.”

“You can find a snake even in a beautiful garden.”

“If the blind leads the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.”

“Poor man, he was attracted by her long hair, so he couldn’t see her tongue is longer!”

“Who buys what he does not need – sells what he needs.”

“A child plays with life as a little, and after the life is playing with it when it grows!”

“Who lived with two faces, died faceless.”

“If you’re rich – you will eat when you want, and if you’re poor – you will eat when you can.”

“Rich is who is not in debts, and young is who is healthy.”

“If you can not help, do not hinder me!”

“It is easy to be smart when the time passes.”

These arabic quotes or arabic sayings are really instructive is not it?

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