Arabic Alphabet for Kids

Arabic Alphabet for KidsConsidering that it is very difficult to learn and master the Arabic alphabet you must be wondering what is the best way for children to learn the Arabic alphabet. It is complicated to give an answer to that question without a detailed analysis and experience in teaching children. It is certain that there are many methods and techniques to learn the Arabic alphabet in the world and in the following few paragraphs I will try to show you the method I, as a teacher, have used with my students for the last ten years and which has been used in my country for centuries.
We use this method when working with children and we use it with adults too, it is excellent for beginners. The base characteristic of this way of teaching and learning the Arabic alphabet for kids is learning through lessons; you can find 22 lessons on our website and in every lesson, starting from the first, you learn new letters (harfs) which are colored red and in that lesson we have combinations of the harfs we have learnt previously. In the lessons you are going to learn the shape and position of each and every letter, how it looks at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of a word and also the shape of the letter when it is alone i.e. isolated.
The most important thing with these lessons is that they also have sounds, so when you click on a letter or word you are going to hear their correct pronunciation. I have personally taught tens of children and adults using this method and together with my colleagues in the last few years we have taught several thousands of children and adults in our region. This method requires you to start with the first lesson and to master every lesson before you start learning the next. When the child masters one lesson then we start with the next using textual explanations and after that the sounds from the lessons. It is recommended to have an older and experienced person to listen to the child at first and point out the eventual mistakes. In the next part you can see a video of my students who have learnt the Arabic letters with the help of these lessons…

And now you can see how fluently and with proper intonation my students read the Qur’an, which Is in Arabic and every Muslim should know to read it…


If you have any questions or comments about this method of teaching and learning the Arabic alphabet for kids feel free to leave a comment.

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