“I am a complete beginner and I was surprised by my speedy progress in reading and writing the Arab alphabet. The lessons are well structured with easy to understand descriptions. The interactive flash player videos are an amazing tool to memorize the shape and the sound of each individual letter and how they look and sound in words. I searched the internet and I couldn’t find a better method. I will build on the knowledge gained through these lessons. 100% recommended. ”  

Jaro J.

“Excellent work, very good website. I stumbled on it while searching for some materials for teaching Arabic here in Alaska, USA. Keep up the good work and MAY ALLAH REWARD FOR ALL YOUR GOOD DEEDS.”  Salam!

Lakhdar Dali Osmane

Dear Sir, You have done great job. I do hope Inshalla now I can learn arabic correctly and also iacan guide my children and others also. May ALLAH Bless you with good health. Your Student and well wisher.

5 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Alexey

    Thanks a lot for this site, lessons are very well-made and easy to understand. I’m an orthodox from Russia but it’s always useful for everybody to know such a widespread and culturally rich writting system.

  2. Eileen

    Asalam Alikum
    May Allah Bless and reward you all for a womderful site
    been trying to learn arabic for long time we are reverts
    from Northern Ireland and this is amazing
    Please keep up this wonderful work
    Thank You

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