About US

Welcome to the Arabic Alphabet website

My name is Ermin Zahirovic and I am currently an Imam (islamic religious cleric) in the Obre settlement, Kakanj community, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Beside that I have finished Gazi Husrev-beg high school in Sarajevo and I am a student of the Faculty of Islamic Studies in Sarajevo.

It is my pleasure and honour to give my contribution in the field of teaching the arabic letter and the studies of Qur’an. Here you see the pages of the Arabic Alphabet website which is a result of a longstanding working experience in teaching children and adults to the traditional and modern methods of learning the arabic letters. The animated flash lessons that can be found on these pages are created in order to make the learning of the Arabic letters easy and fun, and to teach you to read the arabic texts fluently, especially the Qur’an and to provide a solid base for your further progress in learning the Arabic language. I hope that you will find the content of these pages useful and also read the Arabic letters fluently in just a few weeks. Peace be upon you.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at:   arabicalphabet.org@gmail.com